Big cat


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Many years ago. One day I was over visiting my oldest sister and brother-in-law, is dad called. He had lost couple sheep that night. he Has a small farm. So we went over to take a look see what we could find.

He thought it might have been some dogs but we looked around and the tracks indicated a big cat. We spread out a little bit walked up in the brush, we spotted an old buckskin log with a little blood on it, looked over the the log and there was the animal, it was covered up so we knew that the cat was still in the area, he would come back and finish his dinner.

So we went back picked up our rifles and started tracking to see if we could find it. We found his tracks going out this old logging road. We followed him for quite a while but didn’t  catch up with it, we did this most of the day, it was starting to get late so we decided to call it a day and come back tomorrow with the dogs and pick up his trail again.

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On our way back down the logging road. We got to looking at our tracks. It appeared that the cat was behind us like Stockton us that gave me a weird feeling. We were looking for him and he was watching us weird.

So the next morning we got up early and headed out. We went back to where the animal was covered up, and that the cat was back that night finished up his kill. So we picked up his trail and started tracking, cat head went a long ways that or maybe that night, we been searching most the day

Then we heard the dogs barking and howling ahead of us, come around the corner and the dogs had the Cat Up the tree. It was a big Cat( cougar ) . Looking at him through binoculars. It appeared that he had been shot or gored by a horn from a deer or elk.

He come out of the tree at the dogs. We got off a clear shot and that was the end
we loaded him up, got back to the house and took care of the animal

stay safe and good hunting


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