Camping with family

KB Hear  Got home on Friday night in the family wanted to go camping over the weekend. They had the camper on the pickup everything loaded and ready to go. Got up early next morning headed out to our favorite park, takes about an hour to get there , set up camp ,the campfire going. With down to the creek possibility early-morning fishing, fish for breakfast sounds good. Back to camp , for lunch, hot dogs, chips, pork and beans, etc., etc. looked a little overcast did not think much about it. You know it started to rain, everyone run around picking up everything get in out of the rain. We all jumped into the pickup camper. Now think about it six kids and two adult in pickup camper.. We could not find any family games it seemed like we forgot to put them in t. Well mom took paper bags and we all made deck of cards out of them. So we at least had some card games.

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Things to do before you leave on a weekend camping trip or hiking or fishing is to check the weather very good idea. Make sure it in your favor. few family games that everybody likes to do besides outdoor game. The three older ones slept in the pickup . The weather turned out nice. The next morning so we went fishing and caught some nice fish. We all had a great breakfast, shook off the water  everything. loaded everything made sure that our campfire was totally out. Headed back home, but we still had a great camping weekend.
The moral to this story is to be prepared for anything .  look up the weather make sure you have things for the family to do, but all means make it a happy family outing. No matter what

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