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    35 Great Deals at REI’s Anniversary Sale 2021

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of us gear nerds – REI’s Anniversary Sale! May 21st-31st is REI’s biggest sale of the year, and it includes deep discounts on some of our favorite backpacking, camping, and hiking gear. In addition to sale items, REI members also receive 20% off one full-priced item and an extra 20% off one REI Outlet item with coupon code ANNIV21. We scoured the sale and narrowed this list down to the gear we’re most stoked about. Enjoy!       We’ve used many different shoes from KEEN over the years and we love them for their durability, roomy fit, and friendly…

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    2020 Outdoor Family Gift Guide

        The outdoors are more of a refuge for us now than they’ve ever been before. From hikers, backpackers, and campers to road trippers, van lifers, powder chasers, and even outdoor-loving pets we checked off every box to make sure there’s something for every kind of adventurer in your life. Support us! Outdoor Families Magazine may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Best Outdoor Gifts of 2020 “We are an Outdoor Family” Coffee Mug – Price $23 Show your Outdoor Family spirit and make coffee and tea time a bit brighter with our custom “We are an Outdoor Family” coffee mug. Mittyz by Veyo Kids…

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    The Coolest Hike in Virginia

    The long-anticipated opening of the Claudius Crozet Tunnel has moved the spotlight to beautiful, peaceful Nelson County and exciting, artistic Waynesboro, Virginia. The juxtaposition of these two places create a unique opportunity for visitors to visit both sides of the much-visited Blue Ridge Mountains. The tunnel bridges the gap between cityscape and countryside, and makes a fun destination that works for everyone- artists, gardeners, history buffs, railroad aficionados, environmentalists, hikers, campers, craft beverage enthusiasts, and lovers of the unusual. The Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel is a part of a greenway system connecting three counties. It runs through Afton Mountain under Rockfish Gap. The Appalachian Trail is located above it…

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    Tips on Crossing/Fording a Stream

    Fording a stream while back-country trekking can be as simple as an ankle-deep wade through a gentle riffle to a potentially dangerous crossing of a rock-strewn, strong-current river.  There are several factors to consider; procedures to take; to help you make the safest, smartest crossing possible. Determining the crossing site: If the water is above your thighs, it’s too deep! Knee-deep is better; Assess the rate of water flow – toss in a stick, if it moves faster than you can keep up with it walking along the bank, the current’s too fast; Toss in a fist-sized rock – if it makes a hollow, “ker-plunk” sound; the water’s too deep.…

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    McKenzie River Trail Backpacking Guide

    The McKenzie River Trail ventures through old lava flows, past views of crystal-clear blue waters, and traverses lush old-growth forests. It’s a relatively short and easy backpacking trip that you can hike over a long weekend if your time is limited, and it’s one of the few routes that’s accessible in spring and early summer in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, it offers a tempting opportunity to take a dip in a hot springs pool towards the end of your trip. We loved not having to carry much water while hiking the McKenzie River Trail. And if you start from the Upper Trailhead, the route follows a gentle grade that’s mostly…

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    Wild animal

    KB Hear   When we are out camping or out hiking. I sometimes tell the story, of different animals, you come face to face with when you come up on an animal. It startled  it , sometimes they just take off running, but some animals do not.                                                                                                                                 …

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    Family memories

    KB Hear         I am sitting here looking out my office window of my home, and looking at the hillside, the mountain timberline on the ridge. A beautiful sight brings back memories. As I’m sitting here thinking of our family outings. We did so many, I remember one time we were planning to go on a picnic. Check the station wagon out made sure we were full on fuel and necessary tools if we needed them next morning, early. We loaded up everyone , picnic basket and we started up and into the backcountry. We drove around for quite a while looking at the beautiful mountains ,we would…

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    Survival Tips For Backpackers

    KB  Hear                                                                                                                                                                                                                          …

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    KB Here   When my boys were young we went out of O Ridge above the dam hiking through the backcountry. Before we started hiking we check out our backpacks to be sure that we had forest service map of the area small first-aid kit ,compass, whistles survival blanket water, snacks. Beautiful day for hiking we climbed out on this rock and was looking over the country I scraped my leg, stopped and took out a little packet and clean the wound and then put a little dressing on it and we were good to go again. We went on a little further decided to rest up and we had…