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    Ten turkey hunting myths busted

    Turkey hunting myths arise because we see wild turkeys do the same thing several times and then assume they will always do it that way. But wild turkeys are unpredictable and break their own rules whenever they please. So, ditch the myths about turkey behaviour and be unpredictable yourself when you hunt them. Turkeys become call shy When it seems like every gobbler in the woods has its beak frozen shut and no amount of calling will get a response, hunters say the toms are call shy. But wild turkeys rely on their vocalizations every day to call their young, to find flock mates after being separated, to find each…

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    Big cat

      Many years ago. One day I was over visiting my oldest sister and brother-in-law, is dad called. He had lost couple sheep that night. he Has a small farm. So we went over to take a look see what we could find. He thought it might have been some dogs but we looked around and the tracks indicated a big cat. We spread out a little bit walked up in the brush, we spotted an old buckskin log with a little blood on it, looked over the the log and there was the animal, it was covered up so we knew that the cat was still in the area,…

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    Lake fishing

    KB here. Gone fishing with my dad and grandpa. I was pretty young. I do remember some things. Like a big Coffeepot on the fire. Reminds me of the old lumber mill burner which looked like a teepee. Throw coffee grounds in bringing it to a full boiled about seven minutes and drop some egg shells in coffeepot settle the ground He said tried it. Well, got to be a big man to drink that stuff.. We Went out on the boat. I remember grandpa pouring water on the campfire. Make sure it was out before we left. we had lifejacket I had to wear one being so young. We got…