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    30-Day Mini Outdoor Adventure Activity Calendar – FREE Printable!

      Let’s be honest. We are all exhausted. We are being pushed and pulled in too many directions, placed in difficult situations that we may not be prepared to handle. Homeschooling, co-schooling, digital schooling, hybrid schooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, wildschooling, unschooling. No mater what your family has chosen, it’s right for you. Since March, we have really shifted gears for you. We have listened to our readers and one thing is resoundingly clear; You want our help. WE GOT YOU! Before we get to our newest 30-Day Mini Outdoor Adventure Activity Calendar, here’s a quick recap of some really great new resources we’ve created over the last 4 months, to help…

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    Understanding game population cycles

    Moose on my stomping grounds close to my Kenora home have been on a steep decline for many years and on a similar downhill slide in much of northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, as well as further afield, in places like Vermont and New Hampshire. There were many theories. To sort it out, Dr. Murray Lankester, a parasitologist with Lakehead University, and I analyzed data pertaining to moose and deer in the Kenora area going back, in some cases, over 100 years (see bottom of page). We concluded that several factors were driving forces behind moose (and deer) population fluctuations. For one, we found that both populations surged in the…

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    Kayaker’s Portage Pack

    Anyone who’s had to carry a loaded kayak over a portage (in the BWCA for example) or across a tidal flat knows that it’s not an easy task given the boat’s design and compounded by the weight and amount of gear stuffed into compartments in the hull. The use of what canoers call a Canoe Pack/Duluth Pack/Portage Pack may be the answer to getting your gear – and boat – from one spot to another more conveniently and efficiently. Portage/Canoe packs are voluminous, shopping bag-shaped backpacks that can be stuffed with several, various sized, odd-shaped items for easier transport of gear after being unloaded from watercraft. Originally fabricated from tough canvas,…

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    Sweet Spot Power Station: Goal Zero Launches Yeti 1000X

     Sweet Spot Power Station: Goal Zero Launches Yeti 1000X Goal Zero’s newest power station, the Yeti 1000X, aims to fill a niche between its smaller batteries and its largest, heaviest models, bridging the gap between home and travel use. Call them power stations, battery packs, or generators — the large, portable, lithium-ion electrical storage units are wonders of modern technology. Many of the larger models can provide an alternative to gas generators that does away with the noise, fumes, and maintenance, at least for a modest period of time. But those intended for home use tend to be pretty heavy and large. And smaller units that make good travel batteries…

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    Paddling the Wild South: Six National Wildlife Refuges to Kayak this Summer

    Preserving precious patches of habitat across the country, America’s national wildlife refuges are hubs of biodiversity and havens for native wildlife. In the Southeast, more than 85 different national wildlife refuges provide sanctuary for endangered and imperiled species, including red wolves, loggerhead sea turtles, and red-cockaded woodpeckers. For recreational paddlers, the region’s refuges offer an abundance of extraordinary waterways to explore. Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge North Carolina Just west of the beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina’s Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge protects a mosaic of hardwood swamp forests, pocosin wetlands, and salt marshes, bounded by the Albemarle Sound and the Alligator River. The 157,000-acre protected area is…

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    35 Great Deals at REI’s Anniversary Sale 2021

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of us gear nerds – REI’s Anniversary Sale! May 21st-31st is REI’s biggest sale of the year, and it includes deep discounts on some of our favorite backpacking, camping, and hiking gear. In addition to sale items, REI members also receive 20% off one full-priced item and an extra 20% off one REI Outlet item with coupon code ANNIV21. We scoured the sale and narrowed this list down to the gear we’re most stoked about. Enjoy!       We’ve used many different shoes from KEEN over the years and we love them for their durability, roomy fit, and friendly…

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    Ten turkey hunting myths busted

    Turkey hunting myths arise because we see wild turkeys do the same thing several times and then assume they will always do it that way. But wild turkeys are unpredictable and break their own rules whenever they please. So, ditch the myths about turkey behaviour and be unpredictable yourself when you hunt them. Turkeys become call shy When it seems like every gobbler in the woods has its beak frozen shut and no amount of calling will get a response, hunters say the toms are call shy. But wild turkeys rely on their vocalizations every day to call their young, to find flock mates after being separated, to find each…

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    Run Continental Tires on a Virtual Bike in Red Bull’s MTB Mobile Game

    Home » Biking » Run Continental Tires on a Virtual Bike in Red Bull’s MTB Mobile Game Red Bull’s Bike Unchained mobile app game just got an upgrade. Bicycle tire manufacturer Continental has partnered with Red Bull for the latest update to its Bike Unchained 2 mobile game. The game, available on iOS and Android devices, is the world’s biggest mountain bike competition — on a smartphone, that is. Players compete against real-life professional riders and other MTB enthusiasts and climb their way up through both leagues and race events to win prizes. Bike Unchained Updates Players can now customize their bike with Continental MTB tires, including the Trail King,…

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    The Coolest Hike in Virginia

    The long-anticipated opening of the Claudius Crozet Tunnel has moved the spotlight to beautiful, peaceful Nelson County and exciting, artistic Waynesboro, Virginia. The juxtaposition of these two places create a unique opportunity for visitors to visit both sides of the much-visited Blue Ridge Mountains. The tunnel bridges the gap between cityscape and countryside, and makes a fun destination that works for everyone- artists, gardeners, history buffs, railroad aficionados, environmentalists, hikers, campers, craft beverage enthusiasts, and lovers of the unusual. The Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel is a part of a greenway system connecting three counties. It runs through Afton Mountain under Rockfish Gap. The Appalachian Trail is located above it…

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    Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Tent Review

    The Sea to Summit Telos TR2 is an innovative tent with a lot of unique features to love. It has more headroom than any 2-person backpacking tent in its weight class, which makes it feel a lot more livable than many others. And with other creature comforts, like the light-dispersing Lightbar and adaptable ventilation, the Telos feels like a little slice of luxury in the backcountry. The Telos with the rain fly fully pitched. Quick Specs MSRP: $499 MEASURED WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 9.8 oz. DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 84.5 x 53 x 43 in. The Telos is easy for a single hiker to set up by themselves. PROS…

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    For Earth Month, 3 Ways The Dyrt PRO Helps Campers Give Back

    The Dyrt was founded on our love of nature and the outdoors – so naturally we wanted a way to encourage responsible camping for Earth Month. The Dyrt Community actually came up with three: Give Back – Get The Dyrt PRO and We’ll Give a $10 Donation to Leave No Trace – April 17th to April 30th. Brush Up – Review the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace. Campfire Chat – Responsible Camping Tips from The Dyrt Legends. Give Back – $10 LNT Donation When You Get The Dyrt PRO Leave No Trace is our go-to resource for treading lightly on the land we camp on. Now through April 30th, we’re…

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    Photo Of The Day By Timothy Joyce

    Photo By Timothy Joyce Today’s Photo Of The Day is “No Place to Land” by Timothy Joyce. Location: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, California. “A great white egret looking to land,” describes Joyce. “Unfortunately, he was so large that he had to circle twice and get permission from SFO Airport.” Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them. Originally Published…

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    Tips on Crossing/Fording a Stream

    Fording a stream while back-country trekking can be as simple as an ankle-deep wade through a gentle riffle to a potentially dangerous crossing of a rock-strewn, strong-current river.  There are several factors to consider; procedures to take; to help you make the safest, smartest crossing possible. Determining the crossing site: If the water is above your thighs, it’s too deep! Knee-deep is better; Assess the rate of water flow – toss in a stick, if it moves faster than you can keep up with it walking along the bank, the current’s too fast; Toss in a fist-sized rock – if it makes a hollow, “ker-plunk” sound; the water’s too deep.…

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    Overland Envy

    I have a 12-year-old son who has recently started ogling sports cars. Corvettes, Ferraris, Lambos…anything small, fast, and shiny. People tell me this obsession is perfectly normal—plenty of boys (and men, women, and girls for that matter) like sports cars—but I find it unsettling, so I looked my son straight in the eye and gave him the best piece of advice a father can give a child: Don’t ever buy a car that’s too small to sleep in. Shit happens. Road trips, heated arguments with your spouse, bad luck at the craps table, flooded campsites…there are a million reasons why you might find yourself sleeping in your car, and you’ll…

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    McKenzie River Trail Backpacking Guide

    The McKenzie River Trail ventures through old lava flows, past views of crystal-clear blue waters, and traverses lush old-growth forests. It’s a relatively short and easy backpacking trip that you can hike over a long weekend if your time is limited, and it’s one of the few routes that’s accessible in spring and early summer in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, it offers a tempting opportunity to take a dip in a hot springs pool towards the end of your trip. We loved not having to carry much water while hiking the McKenzie River Trail. And if you start from the Upper Trailhead, the route follows a gentle grade that’s mostly…

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    Family memories

    KB Hear         I am sitting here looking out my office window of my home, and looking at the hillside, the mountain timberline on the ridge. A beautiful sight brings back memories. As I’m sitting here thinking of our family outings. We did so many, I remember one time we were planning to go on a picnic. Check the station wagon out made sure we were full on fuel and necessary tools if we needed them next morning, early. We loaded up everyone , picnic basket and we started up and into the backcountry. We drove around for quite a while looking at the beautiful mountains ,we would…

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    Survival Tools

    KB Hear Whenever you’re planning on going outdoors for an extended period of time, it’s always good to have a practiced survival skill or two up your sleeve — you never know when you’re going to need it here are a lot of different survival products on the market, but most of them are for convenience. The truth is, with some ingenuity and clever thinking, you can sustain yourself using little more than what nature provides. All you need to survive in some harsh conditions is some basic survival knowledge There is so many things out there that you can survive on. You can find these in survival books, which…

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    Pacific ocean

    KB Here The Pacific ocean. It is a beautiful place to visit. Lots of parking areas along the beach. Even Stop and watch them sail surfers. So many things to find on the beaches , sea shells agate rocks or setback and enjoy the scenery. some time with the kids we would bodies surf and take your net and catch smelled in the in coming surf. You can see some of the surfers along the beach. But even walking on the beach you have to be aware of rolling logs, and sneaker wave can be very dangerous so many have lost their lives  You can find a lot of driftwood different…

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    Four wheeling in the snow

    K B Here A few years back. I recall a few friends calling. They want to go up bear creek and play in the snow. I said okay. I went out and checked out my truck see that I had all my gear, long scrap, chains, and my 2000 pounds which that I can put in a receiver on the rear or front. Couple of line blocks full of fuel and ready to go. We all meant up Agnes together to go up bear creek. Bear creek is a steep winding mountain road goes over comes out on forty-two. It’s a nice drive in the summertime. Quite a few picnic…

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    Gone fishing

    KB Here A friend of mine and I went up the river a wild back to do some fly fishing. The creek was low so we just put on our waiters .                                                                                                                                                             …