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I am sitting here looking out my office window of my home, and looking at the hillside, the mountain timberline on the ridge. A beautiful sight brings back memories. As I’m sitting here thinking of our family outings. We did so many, I remember one time we were planning to go on a picnic.

Check the station wagon out made sure we were full on fuel and necessary tools if we needed them

next morning, early. We loaded up everyone , picnic basket and we started up and into the backcountry. We drove around for quite a while looking at the beautiful mountains ,we would go up different roads. Then we found this nice place by the river and set up the picnic area.

It was a beautiful day. We walked up the creek and the kids found some pretty rocks, things like that. The boys grabbed their fishing polls and caught some nice rainbow trout. Not very big. It was nice. We release them.

We sat along the creek while the kids played in the little swimming pool. There was an old willow tree there along the shore. Remember my dad would cut off about 6 inch limb cut around the bark and slide off the bark and made a whistle out of it.

We all gathered around to have a picnic . Such a beautiful day. I remember my little daughter . The youngish she needed a Band-Aid, she bumped her knee, but not a plain old Band-Aid. She needed the flower Band-Aid. (Memories)

As a family that loved the outdoors. We have a lot of memories. My wife had a book she always carried with her, she would jot down what happened that day she called it a memory book .

I remember we had an old Jeep. We used to let the air out of the tires, so we can run down on the sand dunes ,that’s another story.                                                                                     Stay safe God bless

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