Four wheeling in the snow

K B Here

A few years back. I recall a few friends calling. They want to go up bear creek and play in the snow. I said okay. I went out and checked out my truck see that I had all my gear, long scrap, chains, and my 2000 pounds which that I can put in a receiver on the rear or front. Couple of line blocks full of fuel and ready to go. We all meant up Agnes together to go up bear creek. Bear creek is a steep winding mountain road goes over comes out on forty-two. It’s a nice drive in the summertime. Quite a few picnic camp areas up on top. Getting closer to the top. We run in 2 feet of snow going was good. Have fun. We went out different roads.

Then we gathered up again at the top pulled out my portable fire pit fired it up and we had refreshments and sandwiches, etc. We started talking about the family that winter before that got stuck coming up the North on forty-two. How many mistakes did he do , especially in the wintertime, first mistake is not reading the sign, these are big signs and the gate was left open and stating it is not maintained during the winter. Second mistake he ignored and kept on going. They were in a car 4 wheel drive, bear creek is not a road to go over without the right equipment in the wintertime. He did not have tired chains, when the first snow. That’s when he should have termed around and with back down. They say He kept going until he got stuck, then he couldn’t go either way. The story goes, he took a tire started a fire for a signal. They say he was there the family for a few days, he decided to walk out and get help, they said he went of the road for some reason and they found him later. Very sad story.

Let’s Think about what went wrong. He did not have the right equipment to go over that mountain in the wintertime. Especially bear creek   He should have turned around when he seen them signs, remember when you get stuck in the mountain walked back on the road you went in on and don’t think about shortcut and most of all make sure people know where you’re going. People know where you’re going. It’s better to stay at your rig they will find you. So have fun and be safe.

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