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I remember one time , people I work with they would all get together and go upriver camp out over the weekend. Friday night we loaded up the camper and all, and it out Saturday morning for a weekend of fun. We all got at the campground set up camp. Everybody was set things up. For of the young decided to go hiking and some swimming so we got the kids that were going hiking together and showed them a point that they could see on the hill was a big old tree that was there bearing for return. They had small backpacks . First aid kit, whistle and compass. He started campfire set up tables, snacks etc. etc. set around the campfire talking old stories. - Consistently the Lowest Price!


Couple of us grabbed our polls going to go upstream. Do a little fishing. I decided to walk across this log to the other side and do a little fishing. The bark was loose and I slept fell in the creek, but luckily I remembered to put my fishing license ID in a plastic bag sealed did not get wet will we caught a few good fish then went back to camp. Sit Around the campfire having a fuel toddy played horseshoes and some other games. Then, starting to cook dinner. Everybody made it back to camp. Next morning, boys went down to the creek early to see what they could catch Wasn’t doing too good. My daughter grab an old limb, 6 foot long trimmed it up . Tied line on it and a hook put a big old night-crawler worm for bait. Went down and sat next to her brother wasn’t catching anything. Guess what , two minutes in the water. She had a fish on, brother jumped up and threw his pole in the water walked away . Laughs so hard . We all had a great breakfast and a great day. And a fantastic weekend with friends

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