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When my boys were young we went out of O Ridge above the dam hiking through the backcountry.
Before we started hiking we check out our backpacks to be sure that we had forest service map of the area small first-aid kit ,compass, whistles survival blanket water, snacks. Beautiful day for hiking we climbed out on this rock and was looking over the country I scraped my leg, stopped and took out a little packet and clean the wound and then put a little dressing on it and we were good to go again. We went on a little further decided to rest up and we had a beautiful view and little snack and enjoy the scenery. Man come walking up the trail and introduced ourselves.

He sit down He was a mushroom picker and he was out scout around. We were talking about how easy it was to get turned around down in the brush. Even if you’ve been there a dozen times, said when you’re mushroom picking you’re not watching around because your head down looking for mushrooms. It’s very easy to get turned around I done it a couple times. We set we look at their surrounding remember that viewpoint so it was easier to get back to where we started. Looking at the map , he pointed out there was a waterfall off the trail, he said the trail marker was gone we could find it okay by the map, and after a while we to see if we can find the falls. It was a beautiful little falls nice big pool at the bottom. We look for a while then we decided to head back. It was getting late in the afternoon so we have time to get back down off the mountain and about halfway down the hill we could hear a whistle so we stopped and listened. We could hear somebody blowing a whistle. The boys hollered out and he hollered back. We went down and found him . It was the guy that we were talking to earlier. He had slipped and slid down the hill and his right leg  got pinched under a log and he couldn’t get back out from under it. He tried but could not get himself free. Luckily he remembered that we were up there and we would be coming back this way. He started to blow his whistle We got together and lifted the log enough to get him out under it. It just bruised him so he was able to walk out ,little sore , but he was thankful that we come back out that direct. So you never know what’s going to happen, you need to be prepared for anything

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