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Gone fishing with my dad and grandpa. I was pretty young. I do remember some things. Like a big Coffeepot on the fire. Reminds me of the old lumber mill burner which looked like a teepee. Throw coffee grounds in bringing it to a full boiled about seven minutes and drop some egg shells in coffeepot settle the ground He said tried it. Well, got to be a big man to drink that stuff.. We Went out on the boat. I remember grandpa pouring water on the campfire. Make sure it was out before we left. we had lifejacket I had to wear one being so young. We got some nice fish . Years later I remember going out hunting with my brother in law with his dad. Once he started out and set his pace for an old timer. Hard to stay up with. Talk a lot about my dad ,now to start a fire, we would look around ,you’ll find it dry stick shave the bark off and then he would cut some small savings and started a fire. chips limbs and stuff on before you know we had a nice warming fire. anything what you can learn when you’re young. like when I went hunting with my dad and shot my first deer. he showed me how to take care of that animal , skin it out make sure you do it right.

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I taught my kids how to take care wild game you can survive on certain animals that you can eat if you don’t think survive on different thing. Hunting with my boys. We were on the Forest Service Rd. and when we come around the bend in the road washed out in the middle Road, Pickup was wide enough to makeover it only had about 50 feet to go broke loose and dropped right front tire, in whole. What can we do here. Remember the things that you put your truck different tool, like that handyman Jack got it out, it was long enough to reach the bottom of the whole, we jacked up right front and boys and I actually push the truck over so the tire was back on payment. If I not had that in my truck would be stuck bad. We had such a wonderful day together. We didn’t see much that day it was pretty dry. We decided head back home, was late afternoon on the way down. The boys were kidding me about not able to hit broadside of a barn, not the best shot the world I do a pretty good job than. My boys are both good. Reach out through the window with my pistol and the antenna was going back-and-forth . I said yeah I bet I can hit that antenna one shot, it was funny. I did hit it things in the past you remember the thing your memory lasts forever The Lord has blessed you

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