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K B Hear


This is a story about me and several Others this has happened to. Have you ever tripped over something or fell off a ladder, out of the back of a pickup load of wood etc. etc. And you land on your ribs. Holy moly that hurts.

I remember the first time I did that. I was out working on a short longer getting it to running for a customer. Then I shut down and walked around the truck seeing if anything else needed to be done. As I was walking on the front bunk. There was a piece of plywood between the cab and the bunk I step down and it was not attached. I fell between the truck frame and the trailer ride and landed on the ground, and had hit both ribs.

I was gasping for air. I immediately rolled over on my back straightened my body out and tried to get my breathing under control. Then laid there for a while without moving .

Well I made it back home, wife takes me four x-rays. The doctor says bruise both rib cages and crack two ribs, wrapped me up tight, a shot shot two aspirin and said aspirin and said I will see you in about three weeks. Have fun.

Well I did it again. I was cleaning the back window of my pickup and had a Aero can in my left hand and handful paper towels in my right, stepped over the tailgate with my left leg and put my left foot on bumper, then swung my right leg over. Guess what, left foot slipped off the bumper landed on my left elbow ,aerosol can went under my rib cage . Remember when this happens, try to roll over on your back straightened out your body and get your breathing under control, and try to relax
True story

Fourth week healing good,

Ask yourself how many things did I do wrong

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