Ocean fishing

The night before fishing. I check out all the gear. Make sure that I had enough life jackets. Flotation devices. My radios were working. Everything checked out good and ready to go. The next morning everyone on board headed out to go salmon fishing.

It was a beautiful day water column slight breeze was a nice day. Got one. It was a fighter. The pole I use using is a medium rod so it gets a lot of action, even more fun when you’re fighting a fish.. Great two more line went off now we had three fish on at the same time and what fun. Nothing like catching salmon, we all using medium 9 foot rod. the first one in, and it was a beauty about 52 pounds.

One was 36 pounds

and the other one was 46 1/2 pounds

when I fishing on the ocean. I have a lot of different polls. We have one for salmon, bottom fish. Halibut and tuna and different reels. It is like fishing on the lake are facing up the river streams you have different polls for different fishing. I have my casting polls, fly polls. I even use the little 2 foot 3 foot fishing pole the little tiny reel, I use it for fishing. The small creeks that are hard to get to it works really well. I love fly fishing. Well I like all kinds of fishing. I remember stopping along a small creek. Remember, walking down, and casted out and let the bait drift down to this small pond in the creek and hooking on to about 8Lb rainbow trout. Now there is a fighter that little fish will make you think you have the world’s record fish on this—– and yes, all four of us caught our limit that they great day on the ocean. 
you’re ocean fishing all ocean fish, bottom fish, Halibut, salmon, etc., etc. they all need to be bled as soon as you catch them. Tuna . One of my favorites to fish for you bleed them with head down. They have a lot of mercury in their blood.

Stay safe and have a great fishing day

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