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Pacific ocean

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The Pacific ocean. It is a beautiful place to visit. Lots of parking areas along the beach. Even Stop and watch them sail surfers. So many things to find on the beaches , sea shells agate rocks or setback and enjoy the scenery. some time with the kids we would bodies surf and take your net and catch smelled in the in coming surf. You can see some of the surfers along the beach. But even walking on the beach you have to be aware of rolling logs, and sneaker wave can be very dangerous so many have lost their lives  You can find a lot of driftwood different shapes. Some time you can even find a glass bulb off of a fishing net. Sometimes we would camp or picnic a day and fish off the jetty ‘s sometimes we would load up dune buggies and head for the sand dunes.

There are a few places along the coast that you can rent dune buggies or take a tour of the sand dunes and weekends we would drive clear to Tillamook to the cheese factory and stop at Newport down on the waterfront go through all the stores in the museum  etc. etc. beautifully so many things to do during the summer plan a outing with your family . Even in the wintertime   It’s kind of wet. But still lot of things to do. Even then. So if you’re in the valley. Plan a weekend with the family to go to to the coast lot of things to do and see.   Call one of the charter for fishing and plan a trip to go fishing. Even horseback riding. I believe I can there north of Florence horse riding on the beach. So load up the family and head for the coast for a beautiful weekend.


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