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I remember way back years when we were raised in our family. We didn’t have cell phone, computers , all we had was landline CB in our homes based,    trucks, cars , boats, some of us had telecom in our trucks for communication too a landline. I remember one weekend we had some friends over and we were talking about going hunting, fishing ,things like that . Decided to call over to a friend of ours on the CB  to see what his plans were hunting this year. While we were talking a friend of ours who was up in Anchorage, Alaska, to say hi and then another one come in flat tire Alabama. Quite a few from all over was on the skip that night talking back-and-forth. Then we heard somebody saying that he needed help. He was lost up in the mountains. Sixes River. Sounded like they were in a little panic, but talking to them we got them calm down and have them look for a marker or something . We were familiar with that area. We can figure out where they were . We kept talking to them tell they come out on the main road. Later we heard a guy had the same similar thing happened down and out of Port Orford some people that got lost and they had them look for a marker so they can figure out where they were and had them stay right there. Then they drove up and brought them back out to the main road. The stories are true. So always remember when you’re driving in the backcountry in the summer or winter time.( Remember the rules ) tell people where you are going and. When you be back. If you get into trouble. Hopefully your cell works. If not, maybe your text will. But by all means stay together and with your vehicle, somebody will find

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