What really is Survival?


Look around at the surroundings and think what if it had an earthquake, tornado, excessive rain storms, wildfires. What would you do in your area. If one of these happened where you are, what would you do for your family, how would you protected and care for them. Remember years back when Georgie was in office, the scientist warned us about something happening . Back then. Did you stock up on dry food like in the grocery department stores, online, they have in the camping area tends dry food that’ll last four years, you have a good first aid kit you know where you can get water & electricity do you have a generator. How would you provide all this for your family. I wouldn’t count on the government very much. They have enough problem. Some say I will take my family back to my folks house. But what if they can’t not take care of you any more than you can take care of yourself, then what are you going to do.

Wildhorn Outfitters

Maybe the Lord has come and taken them to the house of the Lord now you are the sole person not anyone else but you. It’s happened all over the world. Tornado storm virus wars etc. etc. where can I take my family to be safe. There is so many people that live in the suburbs in city apartment housing and so on. I came from a big family and we all depended on each other. When I married I also had a large family, six kids to raise. I was a head of the household. I was the one to keep them safe. We always had gardens chicken rabbit, fish and wild game for food. We smoked and canned everything if it happened to my family. We survived what we had stored away for these kind of emergency. So think about it. What should I do if this happened, am I prepared to take care of them. Do I have some kind of plan. Have you discussed this with your family.

Remember you are the one that your family depends on for their survival

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